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Aussie Winter Girl
• 4/6/2014

More Donut Pages

Hi everyone,

Currently we don't have many pages now (about 37 now), so I hope that anyone who visits this wiki would get involved in this project.

So, we need some users to help add donut pages from the following pages (The broken links will be there):

  • Doughnut
    • The pages needed to be added are traditional donuts (so far) and you can find the info on Wikipedia.
  • Big Apple Donuts And Coffee (Done)
  • Krispy Kreme
  • More coming soon
    • the pages needed to be added are donuts sold by the stores listed above, you may refer to this page while creating the page. Their descriptions can be found depending on which stores you are going to add, for BADC, you can see the 2 pictures at its page. While for Krispy Kreme, you can see the official website found also at its page.
  • Flavors
    • Just add a tiny introduction (see this page) and try adding in lots of pictures of donuts that have that flavor into a normal Gallery.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask here. :)

EDIT: We have added info boxes on some pages, please refer to them depending on what type of page you're making.

For Outlets, see Big Apple Donuts And Coffee

For Traditional Donuts, see Vada

For Modern Donuts (regardless of store), see Mocha Kreme Doughnut (KK)

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Aussie Winter Girl
• 3/7/2014

I'm a member of Krispy Kream, so I can find out info on their website.

• 3/25/2014

Big Apple! xD

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